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PMP (Plan my Power (PTY) Ltd) ) Is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have international dealers reaching from Finland down to Brazil. Please send us an email and we will put you in touch with the right person!!

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Suite 162, Private Bag x09, Weltevreden, South Africa 1715

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Welcome to the Plan My Power 4x4 Power Solutions website. We have taken great care to ensure that this website is as informative and helpful as possible and we trust that you will find it useful and practical. Please explore the website by using the left hand menu. The top menu links to our other Plan My Power websites and product offering.

Plan My Power offers a wide range of 4x4 vehicle, power-related, accessories. These products cover the complete range of 4x4 power accessories, from all the options available  for generating power, its effective distribution, right up to the point of recording and monitoring the power, to its affect on the various systems installed         .

Products included are: Booster Regulators, Battery Managment Systems; Battery Monitoring Systems;  High charge alternators, Inverters, Flexible solar panels, Standard solar panels, Deep cycle leisure batteries, Unipower Welder/Generator/Charger, PowerTek mobile Generators and Energy- Saving LED lights

Dual  Battery Management unit

Electronic Battery Management System

In order to optimise your alternator output that is available when travelling; you need to be able to divert the charge to the battery, or batteries that needs it most. This where an effective battery management system is essential and the EBMS 150 series from PMP has been specifically designed for such 4x4 applications.

Maxamp Alternator Range

There’s no substitute for power” as the old adage goes, and this is also true for Alternator output. Asking a standard alternator to produce adequate surplus power to charge up auxiliary batteries is just asking too much.  Boosting the power of your alternator via a Maxamp alternator or upgraded stator will improve charging output at both cruising and slow speeds.

MXS Booster alternator regulator

Calcium and Gel batteries require higher charging voltages than standard alternators put out, and that is where the MXS, 3 Stage Booster Regulator offers a solution. There are also times when the 4x4 is travelling at slow speeds, or when the draw from the auxiliary batteries is close to exceeding charge input, that you need to boost alternator output by stepping up the voltage. The MXS can increase alternator output by up to 35% on such applications.

Battery Monitoring Systems

Want to know how well your charging system is working, how much power is left in your batteries and just how long the current appliances can operate for? A battery monitor will tell you this, and a lot more. Information can be stored and analysed later, and adjustments made to your system to improve subsequent performance.
solar panel

Solar Panels

This is an ideal solution for those 4x4 users who spend most of their days at their destination, without much travelling.  The right ‘panel power’ can help keep your drinks cold, and prevent global warming getting to your fridge from day 2 onwards!

PMP have a full range of solar panels and can match a panel to suit your roof configuration should the need arise.

battery charger

Battery Chargers

Charging up all your batteries before a trip, as well as charging them whenever Mains power becomes available, requires an efficient multi-stage charger.

PMP has a full range of 12 & 24 volt chargers ideally suited to this application. Use them at home and then take them with you when you go on your trip.


Inverter Systems

Being able to generate 220V power from 12V batteries for those domestic appliances, or industrial tools, whilst you are in the Bush, is a very useful addition to making your trip even more enjoyable. PMP has a full range of Modifed Sine and pure sinewave inverters from 150W right through to 5KW.
battery optima

Leisure Batteries

A leisure battery is designed to function differently from a high cranking battery and must be able to ‘deep cycle’ on a regular basis during a trip.  PMP has a full range of leisure batteries from 35-300 Amps.  Modern technology has given us some interesting new ‘Hybrid’ designs that can offer users ‘the best of both worlds’- High cranking amps and deep cycle characteristics such as the Optima range from PMP.
Low voltage battery cut-out unit

Low Voltage, Battery Cut-Out unit

Ever turned your ignition off after winching, or night driving with spotlights on and fridge running and then found that the vehicle won’t start?!  This infuriating scenario can be avoided with a Low Volatge Cut-Out Unit from PMP. This unit protects your original battery voltage from going too low and will cut-off power to your appliance should voltage get into dangerous territory. .
tool kit

Unipower vehicle mounted Multi Function units

This vehicle-mounted kit will fulfil the role of an A.C. generator, DC welder, 12 & 24 volt Boost Charger, as well as being a 175 amp heavy-duty  alternator.   For those intrepid explorers who like to venture into darkest Africa towing trailers and relying on their limited resources to get them through; the Unipower is a very good piece of kit to take with you to get you out of those tight situations. Visit our Unipower website

PowerTek vehicle mounted SINEWAVE generators

A cousin of the Unipower system, the Powertek alternator-driven generator produces pure sinewave power from 2 up to 8KW.  Having such an abundance of 220V power allows the user to operate a host of 220V appliances for those who enjoy their luxuries whilst on Safari.  The PowerTek can also be configured for 110V or 3 Phase applications. Click here to learn more about the Powertek product


In addtion to offering a comprehensive range of 4x4 products, PMP also undertake their own installations for 4x4s, Vans and trucks requiring on-board power systems.  A national network of approved dealers is available to install the PMP 4x4 products according to our specifications.



If you have an issue with the power on your 4x4, or any other vehicle for that matter; contact us to discuss your application and we can offer expert technical advice to help sort out your problems. E-mail : Gawie

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